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Description :
Have you had any experience of having hesitation when you choosing between 2 or more sets of a product labeled different prices with different quantities, even with different unit systems in supermarket? Which set is cheaper? How big of the gap? Calculating is tedious and annoying even if you have a calculator. Think about if you want to buy a full cart of different products, you can save more money if you had a small tool that tell you which one is cheaper immediately!

"BuyMore" is you choice! "BuyMore" is a simple comparator that help you to calculate or to choose the cheaper one from many confusing combination of sets. You just select a unit system, then input quantity and amount of a product. Repeat the step to input values for another set of the same product (You can select another unit system, eg. Litre vs Gallon). Then, "BuyMore" will show you which one is cheaper with a golden icon indicated and the proportions of the quantities between 2 products.
Features :
  • 2 items comparable.
  • English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese support.
  • 2~6 decimals support.
  • More background color.
  • Support iPhone, iPod Touch.
  • Easy to use.
    Supported unit systems :
  • Weight:
  • Metric - Ton, Quintal, Kilogram, Gram.
  • American - Short Ton, Hundredweight (CWT.), Pound, Ounce, Dram.
  • British - Long Ton, Hundredweight (CWT.), Pound, Ounce, Dram.
  • Chinese - Shi Dan, Shi Jin, Shi Liang, Shi Qian.
  • Japanese - Kan, Monnme.
  • Macanese (Also for Japanese, HK, Taiwanese, Thais...) - Picul, Catty, Tael, Mace.
  • Capacity:
  • Metric - Kilolitre, Litre, Millilitre (cc)
  • American - Gallon, Quart, Pint, Gill.
  • British - Gallon, Quart, Pint, Gill.
  • Chinese - Shi Shi, Shi Dou, Shi Sheng, Shi He, Shi Shao.
  • Japanese - Koku, To, Shō, Gō, Shaku.
  • Length:
  • Metric - Meter, Centimeter, Millimeter.
  • British & American - Yard, Foot, Inch.
  • Chinese - Shi Zhang, Shi Chi, Shi Cun, Shi Fen.
  • Japanese - Jō, Ken, Shaku, Sun, Bu.
  • Area:
  • Metric - Square Meter, Square Centimeter, Square Millimeter.
  • British & American - Square Yard, Square Foot, Square Inch.
  • Chinese - Square Shi Zhang, Square Shi Chi, Square Shi Cun, Square Shi Fen.
  • Japanese - Square Jō, Square Ken, Square Shaku, Square Sun, Square Bu.
  • Cube:
  • Metric - Cubic Meter, Cubic Centimeter, Cubic Millimeter.
  • British & American - Cubic Yard, Cubic Foot, Cubic Inch.
  • Chinese - Cubic Shi Zhang, Cubic Shi Chi, Cubic Shi Cun, Cubic Shi Fen.
  • Japanese - Cubic Jō, Cubic Ken, Cubic Shaku, Cubic Sun, Cubic Bu.
  • Pieces.
    Differentials between BuyMore and BuyMore-Free:
      BuyMore BuyMore Free
    Ads Free Yes No
    iPad HD supports Yes No
    Items comparable 4 2
    Free No Yes
    Price : Free